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0. The five policemen wore face masks, bulletproof vests and Kalashnikov rifles. 2. Examples of Visage in a sentence. Volte-face sentence examples. You should face difficulties bravely. Sentence examples for remain in the face of from inspiring English sources. A qualitative study offers significant results based on small samples in contrast to the large numbers of subjects of a quantitative study. Still, it did not take long before this buyer made a complete volte-face. Its acquisition was a significant one, representing a volte-face in the Library's attitude to ephemeral materials. We have many problems to face. 0. Face-or pronunciation. ‘The faces of the cards in a pack may all be unique, or may include duplicates, depending on the game.’ ‘On the face of each card is a number - there are two cards of each number from 1 to 12.’ ‘Once you pick up your cards, you must not look at the backs of any of your other cards - you must only see their faces.’ He is set to face one month in jail while another rule breaker is set for a longer stretch in the slammer. in reality or actuality. 'It's like a death sentence': retired Britons in EU face loss of healthcare This article is more than 1 year old Cataract surgery is carried out at hospital in Bordeaux hospital, France. 48.9k. 0. The in the face of adversity list of example sentences with in the face of adversity. Belarus: Witness in police killing of protester faces life sentence 16 December 2020, 11:24 UTC. 0. ... After the blind sculptor touched her daughter’s face, she was able to perfectly create her child’s visage in clay. English words and Examples of Usage use "in fact" in a sentence in the year 325, the Emperor Constantine and a church council proclaimed that Jesus Christ is in fact God, by a verdict of 218 to 2. Learn the definition of the word "face-if" and how to use face-if in a sentence. What does fly in the face … It was obvious from the scowl on Heather’s face she was quite angry. fly in the face of phrase. 0. And his profile, his side face is really cute, perfect Oh! Follow. Looking for sentences with "save face"? face mask in a sentence - Use "face mask" in a sentence 1. Synonym: as a matter of fact, in point of fact. The teacher’s scowl was a warning to the misbehaving students. 2. That way, it would save face for me and avoid any further conflicts with Tinka and Victor. A slap in the face of the pez community. face mask in a sentence - Use "face mask" in a sentence 1. English words and Examples of Usage use "based-on " in a sentence It is illegal to discriminate against people based on their sexual orientation. 0. Dublin man jailed as Gardai punish lockdown travel restriction rule breakers . Sentence examples for in the face of contradiction from inspiring English sources. User account menu. The aim of education should be to equip the students to face life. The detective’s visage was one of frustration as he watched the killer leave the courtroom after being found not guilty. Face value definition is - the value indicated on the face (as of a postage stamp or a stock certificate). Usually it's the weaker party that needs to save face when backing down from some untenable position. ... tirelessly for 5 months to convince the Magistrates at Croydon to issue this order which if broken will see Mr. Johnson face a prison sentence for his actions." persist in the face of. Cameron sat down with his face in his hands. 96% Upvoted. Whenever my husband looks at our noisy neighbors, he has a scowl on his face. RELATED ( 3 ) in the face of controversy. An Alton man was sentenced to four years in the Illinois Department of Corrections after pleading guilty to punching an officer in the face. Source: 'Daily Use'. 2 2. What does fly in the face of expression mean? Face-if example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. He will face a lengthy sentence in jail while another rule breaker is in for even a longer stretch in the slammer - things have gotten serious. Anonymous asked: "Please tell me our son didn't do anything stupid." 3. volte-face. We have to face difficulties in life. Similar words: infant, in favour of, fact, facto, factor, factory, artifact, manufacturer. A slap in the face of the pez community. i don't like him much, in fact i hate him. 34 sentence examples: 1. They say the 10-year sentence isn’t enough. How to use face in a sentence. Then, in a complete volte-face, a referendum was conceded. Discover more posts about I-laugh-in-the-face-of-5-sentences. Translation for 'face a sentence' in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations. hide. does this volte-face represent the end of the dreams spun around the Web? save. Cat said to Kara after the superhero brought the boy in to their penthouse and sent him to his room. If people act in the face of something, they do it despite it or when threatened by it. fictorium. How to use in the face of adversity in a sentence. For sentences never before written, found in the wild. 2. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 0. One should face the situation boldly. Whatever challenges we face in life, we should have the confidence to succeed. in the face of ambiguity. Examples of face in in a sentence: 1. face in a sentence. Each model, we have provided bright chrome and black chrome bright side face two options. How to use face value in a sentence. Sentence Examples. Twice, he yanked Broncos tight end Shannon Sharpe's face mask. Belarusian authorities are attempting to cover up the killing of a peaceful protester by police by bringing serious criminal charges against a key witness, Amnesty International said today. 2. Definition of fly in the face of in the Idioms Dictionary. 2. 0. IT in English Search Usages Definitions Synonyms Translations Pronunciations Images Toggle filters. View In The Face Of Danger usage in sample sentences. IDIOM In the face of. Sentence count:261+16 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2016-12-13. in the face of antagonism. Example Sentences. According to experts, coffee does not help to sober up a drunk person, and in fact, may increase the effects of the alcohol. He really means no harm. If people act in the face of something, they do it despite it or when threatened by it. The rumour is without foundation in fact. Shew face in some way or other. Here are some examples. report. How to use In The Face Of Danger in a sentence? As soon as I saw the scowl on the policeman’s face, I knew I was in a great deal of trouble. How to use face-or in a sentence. I married to save face and save myself from being called a loser or a failure. The model’s visage earned her many cover photos. About 22762 results found using 'IN THE FACE OF'. Face-or pronunciation. In any discussion of appellate review of sentences in general and conditional sentences in particular, ... has a duty to go into the matter fully and to consider each appeal from sentence with the utmost care even though the sentence on its face does not shock the Court by its excessiveness or its inadequacy. A former All Black has been sentenced to two years of intensive supervision for punching a woman in the face. Close. 3. The plane carried face masks, gloves and other protective clothing. IDIOM In the face of. Black music in South Africa is generally based on traditional African themes. Press J to jump to the feed. Mark is just an in your face sort of a person and sometimes talks rough. Gavin Johnson risks arrest and ultimately a prison sentence if he travels to certain parts of Coulsdon between now and November 30, 2022. RELATED ( 3 ) stand in the face of. In the face of budget cuts, Schneiderman said fraud and waste must be uncovered. Recent Top. Random good picture Not show. Their claim had no basis in fact. persevere in the face of. Examples of Scowl in a sentence. share. PREV WORD NEXT WORD . A wholly suspended sentence handed down by Judge Mushtak Parker in the case of a convicted Cape Town human trafficker has drawn criticism from activists and legal experts. Log In Sign Up. He had to face many difficulties. “It’s almost as if I am being sentenced with a life sentence and she’s getting away with everything. Face definition is - the front part of the head that in humans extends from the forehead to the chin and includes the mouth, nose, cheeks, and eyes. I looked pretty good when I turned my face mask up. 323 comments. That was a very in your face advertisement they showed last night on TV which made some very bold statements. In love with his eyes! The face in the crowd. Drug dealer convicted in 7 killings could face execution A federal inmate who could be executed less than a week before President Donald Trump leaves office was a gang member who was sentenced … Unable to tolerate Jack's in your face attitude anymore, his boss fired him from the job. 48.9k. Log in Sign up. Top searched words Meaning: adv. Posted by 20 days ago. 1.

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